Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dad groomed daughters to be sex partners; sentenced to 8 years in prison (Brantford, Ontario, Canada)

UNNAMED DAD has been sentenced to just 8 years in prison for sexually abusing his two daughters.

Dad groomed daughters to be sex partners


BRANTFORD, Ont. - A former city man who groomed his daughters to be his sexual partners hung his head and wept in court Wednesday as he listened to their victim-impact statements.

"You're sickening and disgusting," said Justice Ken Lenz as he sentenced the 48-year-old to eight years in prison.

"You're going to find penitentiary very, very difficult and you deserve every bit of it."

The man, whose name cannot be published to protect his victims, was charged with five counts of incest, and 12 counts each of sexual assault and sexual interference, plus possession and distribution of child pornography.

He pleaded guilty to five of the charges.

The judge took an unusual step by entering into a 10-year peace bond with the man, who agreed not to communicate with or go near his daughters and one of their friends, whom he also assaulted.

After the charges were laid last year, the man moved to Hamilton.

The man's wife told the court that, after learning about what had gone on in her home, she felt like she had stepped into a nightmare.

"I felt like I had provided him with his victims," said the woman, who worked nights.

Over the course of about nine years, the man subjected his two daughters and, later, one of their friends, to sexual advances and repeated assaults, often having sex with one of them every other day.

The man's eldest daughter wept as she read her victim- impact statement, saying that she now feels alone, useless and unwanted.

"He hurt me in so many ways. He took the one thing no little girl should have taken away," said the girl, who moved out of her home at the first opportunity.

As her father hung his head and cried, the girl said she wanted to die because of him.

"You make my life a living hell. I was only eight."

A second daughter's statement was read into the record.

She expressed her happiness that she was no longer being hurt and was getting to go more places now.

"I missed a lot of school because my dad would keep me home. I was always in his bedroom. Now I collect seashells.

"I never want to see my dad again," the girl wrote. "Could you please make sure he never has the chance to hurt children again?"

The judge also heard from a man who had been friends with the defendant, letting him stay in his home and allowing his 11-year-old daughter to stay with the defendant's daughter.