Thursday, July 22, 2010

County spent $4,000 so father with history of DV can visit baby out-of-state (Montgomery County, Ohio)

At a time when roads are going unrepaired because of falling tax revenues, when unemployed people are being denied benefits and so on, it strikes me as ABSURD that the Montgomery County Department of Job and Family Services has shelled out nearly $4,000 so dad BENJAMIN MILLS JR. can get free trips to California, allegedly to "visit" his 2-year-old daughter. Four free trips to California on the tax-payers' tab! Well, it would have been four, except Daddy had to cancel this last trip at the last minute. Looks like the county will eat the expenses for the cancelled trip too. Note our previous post here, and that Daddy has a previous PRISON RECORD FOR DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, and in fact has lost his custodial rights to his other children:

THIS IS FATHERS RIGHTS AT WORK, FOLKS--and picking your pocket.

County spent $4,000 for dad to visit baby Vanessa
By Mary McCarty, Staff Writer
Updated 11:01 PM Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Montgomery County Department of Job and Family Services has paid nearly $4,000 for Benjamin Mills Jr. of Dayton to visit his 2-year-old daughter Vanessa in California.

Approximately $1,300 was spent on a trip scheduled for this week that Mills canceled at the last minute. He was scheduled to visit with Vanessa on Wednesday under the supervision of the child’s court-appointed guardian ad litem.

Mills is engaged in a nationally publicized custody battle with Stacey Doss, a 45-year-old single mother who wants to adopt Vanessa. “This was to have been his fourth free trip to California, and the third one funded by Ohio citizens,” Doss said.

Ann Stevens, spokesperson for Montgomery County Children Services, said that the county is complying with orders from Juvenile Court. “In these difficult economic times, it’s not uncommon for parental visits to take place out of town,” she said. “People need to keep in mind that Mr. Mills is still legally this child’s father.”