Thursday, November 14, 2013

"Loving" dad murders his teen daughter, her mother in ambush (Phoenix, Arizona)

Badly written article, but typical of how so many of these articles are written. Too often these cases are framed as some kind of Divine Mystery--How could such a "loving" father do such a thing? Tsk, tsk. I guess we'll never know.

But we DO know, only the reporter doesn't explain. The fact that the mother had been seeking an order of protection shows that UNNAMED DAD had a history of controlling behavior, violent threats, and abuse.

What is not pointed out here is that these @$$holes, especially the more sociopathic/narcissistic types, are also very good at a performing in public. They are perfectly capable of faking a superficial charm or even affectionate behavior, especially when they are in public. The neighbor was snookered by this, as are many so-called trained professionals who should know better, but apparently don't.

Truly "loving" fathers don't gun down their kids. Period. The huggy-kissy stuff was just a bunch of crap for show. While the dump neighbor was seeing all the manipulative "loving" stuff on display, you can just about bet this guy was a terror behind doors.

Phoenix man kills estranged wife, daughter, relative and then himself

Nov. 13, 2013 at 12:13 AM

PHOENIX, Nov. 13 (UPI) -- A Phoenix man ambushed his estranged wife Tuesday, killing her, their teenage daughter and another man before shooting himself, police said.

The shootings occurred Tuesday afternoon at a home in northern Phoenix, KPHO-TV reported. The woman's body was set on fire.

Sgt. Trent Crump said the man left his house when his wife came by with their daughter and a male relative to pick up her possessions. But he apparently parked his car nearby and walked back.

Investigators found identification in his car, suggesting he intended suicide. The daughter's body was inside the house, the man's in the front yard and the wife's in back, while the husband's was in an alley.

The identities of the four dead had not been released late Tuesday. Police said the wife had filed for divorce and had also been seeking an order of protection.

Jeanette Chaira, a neighbor, said the man appeared to have had a loving relationship with his daughter.

"When I've talked to him he's been very nice and I know he's very attentive to his daughter," she told KPHO. "He'd come and meet her at the bus and they'd give each other a hug."