Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Judge praises dad with history of domestic violence as a "responsible parent"--despite being found guilty of kidnapping and assaulting his 15-month-old son and son's mother (New Zealand)

Ladies and Gentlemen: This is almost a parody of the standard domestic violence/child abuse news story.

Start with the headline. Makes it sound like Daddy just forgot to fasten Junior in his car seat, doesn't it? All while driving just a wee bit too fast.

Not even close.

Dad CHARLIE NGAPERA is a freaking total menace.

He is no longer in a relationship with his son's mother (note language about "former" partner), and yet he has the freaking nerve to accuse her of "seeing other men." What, jackass. You own her for life now?


1) He grabs the mom by the throat, puts her in a head lock and threatens to use a butcher's knife on her.
2) He abducts her 15-month-old son--apparently after Mom flees for her life.
3) At some point, Mom and Dad meet up again, and she confronts him over the abduction. She tries to get the child out of the car, but is not successful.
4) Mom supposedly jumps in the car as Dad is speeding away.
5) Dad proceeds to drive like a total f**king lunatic at high rates of speed, because he's all angry you know. The whole time the poor baby is on Daddy's knee or the center console. He refuses to hand the baby over to the mother.
5) Dad runs a stop sign yelling "watch this." Total Daddy Drama.
6) Dad threatens Mom that he intends to take her and the child "down with him."
7) When the car stops, Mom manages to jump out of the car. Dad chases her, grabs her by the hair, and pulls her back in the car. Apparently that doesn't work, so he tries to force her into the trunk. But she escapes.
8) Daddy takes off again, and throws the baby from the driver's seat to the passenger's seat. Baby suffers "minor" injuries.

Daddy later caught and arrested.

Daddy eventually goes to trial, and now we have the Idiot Judge. Check this out:

Judge Mackintosh acknowledged that Ngapera acted out of character. He had just one previous conviction for assaulting a female in 2007.
What the f***! Just one other conviction for assault? So Daddy acted "out of character"? Well, if you figure in all the times he wasn't convicted, or somebody was afraid to press charges, I bet we're looking at a guy who was acting VERY MUCH IN CHARACTER.

Then Judge Moron, er, Mackintosh, praises this menace as a "responsible parent"!!!

The mind boggles. Of course, Daddy's family are total enablers too. So surprised....

Father jailed for high-speed chase with son unrestrained

Published: 11:02AM

Wednesday November 20, 2013

Source: Fairfax

A man who led police on a car chase with his 15-month-old son unrestrained in the car has been sent to jail.

Charlie Ngapera, 32, was sentenced in the Napier District Court today to two years seven months in jail. He was found guilty of eight charges including kidnap, assaulting a child, assaulting a female, threatening to kill, reckless driving and theft.

On the morning of August 2 Ngapera, understood to be a Black Power member, accused his former partner, Tessa Rollinson, of seeing other men. He grabbed her throat, put her in a head lock and threatened to use a butcher's knife on her, the police summary said.

She fled the house and arranged to meet a friend, Natasha Brocklebank, at the Napier police station to lay charges.

While they were waiting, Ngapera pulled up outside in his car. Brocklebank went out to confront him and tried to get the child out of the car. She jumped in as it drove away.

Ngapera drove at speeds of up to 180kmh while the infant sat either on his knee or on the centre console. He refused to let Brocklebank take the child from him.

Ngapera shouted "watch this" as he sped past a stop sign and through an intersection, making no attempt to stop, the summary said. He told Brocklebank he intended to take her and his son "down with him".

Brocklebank managed to jump out when the car stopped briefly. Ngapera chased her, grabbed her by the hair and pulled her back to the car. He then tried to put her in the boot but she escaped.

At the sound of police sirens, he got back in the car and flung the child violently from the driver's seat to the passenger's seat.

He drove off, leaving Brocklebank behind. He drove through an orchard gate in Whakatu before running away, carrying his son. He then tried to disguise himself by putting on a hooded jacket from an unlocked lorry cab.

By this time, police had placed cordons around the Whakatu area and Ngapera was found in a car after asking for a ride to a nearby address.

The car owner said she was worried for the baby's safety and recognised the address, so put the baby in her car seat and gave the man a lift.

The child suffered only minor injuries and was reunited with his mother shortly after.

Ngapera pleaded guilty last month and wrote a letter of apology which was given to Judge Bridget Mackintosh. He handed up a second letter today.

Judge Mackintosh acknowledged that Ngapera acted out of character. He had just one previous conviction for assaulting a female in 2007. Judge Mackintosh said Ngapera was generally a responsible parent having cared for his two sons - letters from health professionals and the boy's school backed this up.

Judge Mackintosh said it was an appalling state of affairs that bought Ngapera before the court. In addition to the jail sentence, she disqualified him from driving for 12 months and issued a three strikes warning. The disqualification will be served while he is behind bars.

Family called out in support as Ngapera left court.