Friday, November 15, 2013

Dad convicted of attempted murder for stabbing of twin 4-year-old daughters; he blames his ADHD meds (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Methinks UNNAMED DAD is full of bull malarkey.

He was all crazy from his ADHD meds? Sure. People on ADHD meds stab little kids in locked rooms all the time, right? While also being apparently integrated enough to traumatize the mother locked outside by sending her threatening text messages.

Doesn't even pass the smell test.

But it does sound a lot like a classic case of a controlling/abusive father out to "punish" Mom (for her real or imaginary deeds) by hurting her children. Notice that this explanation is not brought up, even though this is the kind of abusive daddy hostage situation seen way too many times in way too many places.

Father found guilty of trying to kill his twins

November 15, 2013 - 13:48

Court will hand down punishment next week after a determination is made on the man's mental state Copenhagen City Court found a 59-year-old man guilty of the attempted murder of his four-year-old twin daughters yesterday, but the court will have to wait until next week to hand out the punishment because it has not yet been determined if the man was temporarily insane at the moment of the crime.

The father blames the attack on medicine he was taking for his ADHD.

Unquestionable viciousness

The stabbing occurred in August 2012, when the father took a knife to his daughters in the Ronald McDonald patient housing at the city hospital, Rigshospitalet, where the family was staying because one of the girls was receiving dialysis treatment for chronic liver failure.

The court ruled yesterday that the attack on the girls was so vicious that he must have intended to kill them, pointing to evidence that showed the father locking himself in a room with the girls and sending threatening texts to the mother outside the door.

“I mean it! If I see the police then it will be the end of us three,” one of the texts read, according to judge, Sanne Bager.

The assault has left both girls with permanent injuries, particularly the one who was already suffering from liver failure.

It was revealed during the case that she had endured spastic paralysis, lost much of her sight and will likely live a shorter life because of her father’s attack.

Punishment in the case is expected to be handed down on November 19.