Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Dad slow to get treatment for injured sons charged (Fairlee, Vermont)

This sounds suspiciously like a custody/visitation situation. I'm betting the mother didn't know a thing until the boys were returned to her after Daddy's visit or for her visit.

Dad is identified as JUSTIN GALENSKI.


Father slow to get treatment for sons charged with cruelty

Associated Press

November 18, 2013

A man was charged with child cruelty for delaying medical treatment to his two sons after they were injured in a car accident, Vermont State Police said. Justin Galenski, 40 of Fairlee, was charged Saturday. He said Sunday that the Nov. 12 crash on a snowy road in Strafford was an accident. ‘‘I love these boys. The sun and moon rises with them with me,” he said. “It was a horrible, horrible night. By no means did I mean to hurt my kids.” Galenski’s sons, ages 4 and 9, suffered concussions, a broken arm, and a broken clavicle but didn’t see a doctor until the day after the Nov. 12 accident, State Police said. Police said Galenski and his sons walked more than a mile to the home of a friend, a registered nurse, who helped assess the injuries. Police were contacted the following day by the boys’ mother.