Thursday, November 14, 2013

Inquest: Violent custodial dad in "custody battle" murdered 3- and 11-year-old sons (Belfast, Northern Ireland)

We posted on this case just recently. We already knew that dad GRAHAM ANDERSON had assaulted Mum's boyfriend or presumed boyfriend, and went to prison for it. We then heard how this slick sociopath charmed the caseworker to give him custody, because Mum presumably had a "chaotic lifestyle" (whatever the hell that means). In truth, this is so vague that virtually anybody could be accused of this.) In typical fathers rights fashion, an actual criminal record (as long as it belonged to Daddy) was discounted as being just as good (even better!) than Mum.

Now we find out more here. Daddy also had a TEN YEAR history of domestic violence against the mother, and a history of cocaine addiction. Surprised he still got custody despite all that?

Surprised that the assault against the boyfriend  (a dude) got him jail time but not (apparently) the assaults against Mum?

Still believe that poor daddies are discriminated against in the family courts and in the "system"? On the contrary. The most violent, drug-addicted pieces of sh** are just fawned over if they happen to be sperm donors.

Father killed sons and himself

13 November 2013

A violent father facing a custody battle with his ex-partner drugged his children and killed them before taking his own life, an inquest heard today.

Graham Anderson, 36, was found hanging in his bedroom while the bodies of Jack, 11, and three-year-old Bryn were found covered by duvets in their beds of their home in Tidworth, Wiltshire on September 1 last year.

A coroner said that it was likely Anderson had attempted to cut Jack's throat with a kitchen knife but had then most likely smothered him during a 10-minute terrifying struggle that was overheard by a neighbour.

Hours later Anderson, who had been jailed in 2011 for violence and possessing cocaine and had been accused by ex-partner Victoria Jones of beating her, smothered his younger son before hanging himself.

David Ridley, the Coroner for Wiltshire and Swindon, ruled that Anderson, who was heavily in debt and was known to have alcohol and drug problems, had taken his own life while Jack and Bryn had been unlawfully killed.

Anderson, a former lorry driver, was facing a court battle with Ms Jones for custody of Jack and Bryn. They were living with him having previously been staying with foster parents organised by Hampshire social services.

Nick Jones, the children's maternal grandfather, said that he believed Anderson killed the boys out of vengeance because his daughter had left him and he was "losing control".

"When we heard the news of what this man had done to our grandsons the world changed for us. It will not be the same again," he said.

"Our eldest daughter's life has been ruined and the knock on effect to our family is too difficult to describe."

Mr Jones, who was supported by his wife Kathryn, the boys' grandmother, added: "There is absolutely no mitigating circumstance for what he did. Who could actually want to take the lives of their own children? "

We have asked ourselves this question over and over since the events of last year. Our conclusion, it was an act of vengeance on our daughter Victoria.

"After being subjected to 10 years of domestic violence, suffering in silence, she was at last attempting to put her life back together after a turbulent two years following their separation.