Friday, November 8, 2013

Dad convicted of killing 8-year-old daughter and her mother; 4-year-old daughter abandoned at the scene because was "Aryan" (United Kingdom)

Hoping killer dad JOHN MILLER doesn't get out of prison in 15 years. Apparently that is a possibility.

Dad who killed his partner and daughter spared his youngest child because she is Aryan

A RACIST dad killed his partner and daughter but spared his youngest child because of her “pure Aryan genes”.

Published 7th November 2013

Four-year-old Amelia was left for at least 12 hours in a house with their bodies after her crazed father killed them in an axe and knife attack, a court has heard.

John Miller, 38, left his partner, Sarah Laycock, 31, and eight-year-old Abigail with terrible injuries at their Leeds home.

Leeds Crown Court heard how Amelia, was in the house as cannabis abuser Miller carried out the murders during a psychotic episode.

The judge was told how Miller expressed racist views and was a British National Party member.

He said after the murders that he did not kill Amelia because she was "a pure Aryan".

Miller clamed he heard voices from his computer and to have seen aliens before making a foil hat to block out signals.

The court heard that Amelia is now so terrified of her father she asks relatives "what is the size of the padlock on daddy's door?"

Miller denied murder but admitted manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

Miller attacked his partner with a knife, stabbing her 19 times around the face, neck and chest - with one wound going through her eye.

He then hit her four times in the face with an axe.

The court heard that Abigail must have put up a considerable struggle, due to defensive injuries she suffered but she was finally killed with a wound to the neck.

After leaving the house, Miller went on a violent rampage, attacking paramedics who were called to the Fairburn Ings nature reserve.

When they fled, leaving him in the ambulance, he took off his clothes and was shouting and making racist remarks when officers arrived.

Police found Miss Laycock's body in the kitchen and her daughter was in the living room.

The court heard that police officers who were called to the incident and who were involved in the investigation were deeply affected by what they witnessed.

One officer has since resigned due to the trauma.

Miller was given a life sentence today by Mr Justice Coulson, who told him he must serve a minimum of 15 years.