Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Dad kills 3-month-old son, boy's mom in murder-suicide (New Market, Maryland)

The authorities must know that this was committed by the father, but they are playing coy. Mothers very seldom commit crimes of this type.

Dad is identified as BENYAM ASEFA.


Couple and baby shot dead in 'murder suicide' are found after daughter, 5, runs to the neighbors for help after hiding from arguing parents

Benyam Asefa, 40, Barbara Giomarelli, 42, and their son Samuel, 3 months, were found in the home in New Market, Maryland Wednesday

Their 5-year-old daughter was not injured after she hid as her parents argued and then ran for help

By Daily Mail Reporter
PUBLISHED: 12:10 EST, 21 November 2013 | UPDATED: 14:30 EST, 21 November 2013

A mother, father and their baby son have been found dead in their home in an apparent murder-suicide after their five-year-old daughter managed to run to neighbors for help.

Benyam Asefa, 40, Barbara Giomarelli, 42, and three-month-old Samuel Asefa were found dead in their home on Woods Court in New Market, Maryland just after 8pm on Wednesday night.

Investigators discovered the bodies after their daughter, who had reportedly hid in the home as her parents argued, fled the home and told a neighbor that her parents were hurt.

When authorities went inside, they found the three dead from gunshot wounds in the same.

Deputies found a handgun at the scene but Captain Clarke said they do not yet know who was responsible for pulling the trigger.

Clark said he was not aware of any suicide note and said many details were still unknown as the child was the only witness to the deaths, NBC Washington reported.

'We're still trying to piece a timeline together,' Clark said. 'The problem is, we have a five-year-old who is severely traumatized, so we're trying to limit the amount of discussion we have with her.'

Asefa was an American citizen but his wife was an Italian citizen. Her Facebook profile indicates that she worked at the Center of Marine Biotechnology. Investigators believe it was a murder-suicide, Captain Tim Clarke of the county sheriff's office said.

Clarke said the sheriff's office has not handled any previous calls to the address.

Their daughter is in the care of Child Protective Services, who are determining where she will go.

'The goal is to find another family member. That's the best thing for a child,' Clarke said.

Giomarelli's family is traveling from Italy to discuss the investigation with the sheriff's office and Clarke said he was hesitant to discuss further details before sitting down with the family.

On Wednesday, police swarmed the home as investigators worked throughout the night.

Captain Clarke said his officers, some of whom are parents, were extremely moved by the gruesome scene and the brutal death of the baby and would be receiving help if necessary.

The three family members will be transported to the Medical Examiner's Office in Baltimore for autopsies.

'I don't know how anyone could do that, especially a baby, neighbor Brent Preston told NBC Washington. 'I don't, you know, [there's] nothing a baby could've done to deserve that. Nobody would deserve that, but especially a baby.'