Saturday, November 16, 2013

Judge awards custody of two daughters to registered sex offender dad (St. Louis, Missouri)

Dad is identified as ALAN MACKE. The judge is NOT identified. Why? Who are we protecting here?

Nor are the "other criminal charges" against the father identified. Why?

Why are we buying Daddy's explanation for the registered sex offender status? I some how doubt he is telling the whole truth here. Teenage couples having sex are not typically given registered offender status.

Metro-East judge awards custody to registered sex offender father

by Lauren Trager/
Posted on November 15, 2013 at 9:54 PM Updated yesterday at 10:40 PM

( -- News 4 is uncovering a case as a judge ruled to give a registered sex offender custody of his kids and the ruling has raised a lot of questions.

There are criminal records for both the mother and the father in this case and they’re pretty extensive.

But only dad is a registered sex offender and the mother of two little girls said she can’t understand why a judge has granted him custody.

Stephanie Krast admits she’s not the best mother, but she’d rather her kids stayed with their grandmother then be handed off to Alan Macke.

Even though Macke’s faced other criminal charges, according to the Illinois Sex Offender Registry, his only sex offense was in 1998. He was 18 and his victim was 16.

News 4 talked with Macke over the phone.

He told me the victim was his girlfriend and said he’s cleaned up his act.

“The judge did it for a reason yeah, I am a registered sex offender,” said Macke, “I have not been in trouble for a long time, I take good care, I have for a long time.”

Starting next week, Macke will have custody of his kids for six months under supervision to see how it goes.

The judge in the case didn’t return our message to get his comments.