Friday, November 8, 2013

Dad shoots mom, takes 3-year-old daughter hostage; police find girl dead, apparently in murder-suicide (The Netherlands)

More freaking Daddy Drama, another dead child...

Once again, it appears we have a control-freak UNNAMED DAD who was all pissed at Mom--probably for leaving his control-freak self. So he shoots her, takes the kid hostage. It is implied that Daddy killed the little girl before the police entered the home.

Father and daughter found dead after police end siege in Limburg

Thursday 07 November 2013

Two bodies have been found at a house in the Limburg village of Reuver where a man had taken a three-year-old girl hostage, police confirmed on Thursday afternoon.

According to local broadcaster L1, the bodies are that of man in his 40s and the child who is thought to be his daughter. It is not yet clear how they died.

Police stormed the building to end the stand-off shortly before 15.00 hours after surrounding the house for much of the day. Witnesses told Nos they heard two loud bangs as police entered the building and the area filled with smoke.


The man reportedly had an argument with his ex-wife at the house on Thursday morning. The argument escalated and the man threatened the child, the Telegraaf quoted witnesses as saying.

He then shot the woman, who is 20, in the leg, witnesses said. He took his daughter into the house, where his ex-wife’s father lived, which was quickly surrounded by police. They had been talking to the man for much of the day.

Locals were ordered to stay inside and a primary school was evacuated as police sealed off the area.

Police are holding a news conference on the siege at 17.00 hours.