Friday, November 29, 2013

Confirmation: Dad with history of DV killed infant son, baby's mom in murder-suicide (New Market, Maryland)

We reported on this case before, back when the police refused to identify the killer. But we knew the killer had to be the dad, it almost always is. And the fact that he has a history of domestic violence? Totally predictable.

And yet everybody is wringing their hands, wondering about the motives. This is what abuser/control-freak sh**heads do, folks.

The killer dad is identified as BEN ASEFA.

Oh, and that first line. The "murder/suicide that claimed the lives of two parents and their infant son." Oh, that's just classic. Nice attempt at erasing criminal agency. No killer dad here. Just murder/suicides roaming the land and "claiming" lives.

Sheriff’s Office: Father Was Shooter In Double Murder-Suicide

November 25, 2013 6:15 PM

Reporting Monique Griego

NEW MARKET, Md. (WJZ) — Disturbing new details are released in the New Market murder/suicide that claimed the lives of two parents and their infant son.

Monique Griego spoke with Frederick County Police and has the latest on exactly what they believe happened inside the couple’s home.

Monday, investigators revealed that it was Ben Asefa who shot his wife as she held their son. That same bullet ended up killing the infant. Then Asefa turned the gun on himself.

As the New Market community came together Sunday night to mourn the loss of a family shot to death in a murder/suicide on Woods Court, painful questions lingered about who pulled the trigger.

“You go through the emotional spectrum,” said neighbor Dean Mosher. “Start off angry.”

Monday, Frederick County Sheriff’s investigators revealed what they believe happened in the house. They say Ben Asefa killed himself after shooting his wife, 42-year-old Barbara Giomarelli, in the head.

That same bullet then traveled into their infant son, Samuel, who she was carrying on her shoulder. “That same projectile struck the infant, killing the infant, as well,” said Captain Tim Clarke.

Before the shooting, police say Giomarelli was putting the couple’s 5-year-old daughter in a bath upstairs when Asefa came in. The two got into an argument and both parents went downstairs.

“We really don’t have a good clear picture of what the argument was about,” Clarke said.

Unlike what was previously thought, investigators say they do not believe the couple’s daughter was hiding inside the house. They say she remained in the bathtub during the incident and had no idea what was going on.

“She did call for her parents; they didn’t respond. She got out, dressed, went downstairs, discovered the bodies and then exited the home and went to the neighbors,” Clarke said.

Police say family members revealed a history of abuse against Giomarelli but didn’t know if it was physical or just verbal. With no exact motive, they and the community are struggling to understand why.

“We may never know why this happened. We certainly never approve of it but we must find a way to forgive,” Mosher said.

The only survivor, the couple’s daughter, is with Child Protective Services as family members work out the details surrounding her care.

Both Giomarelli and Asefa were accomplished scientists but he’d recently lost his job. She was set to start a new job in December.