Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Son blew whistle on rapist custodial dad (Burton, England, United Kingdom)

Pedo dad PAUL BOSWORTH was recently jailed for raping a school girl (she was apparently unrelated to him). But his own adult son also "shopped" him to the police for all the physical and sexual abuse he had endured. Skip down 9 paragraphs, and you also see something very interesting: this monster was a CUSTODIAL father. This boy was not able to return to his mother until Daddy forced him out of the house at gun point--because the then 16-year-old son was no longer cowered by the abuse and was fighting back.

Published: 04/08/2010 08:00
Son blew the whistle on his rapist dad

A PAEDOPHILE jailed for 16 years for raping a school girl was shopped to the police by his own son, who had undergone years of abuse himself.

The 43-year-old, who did not want his first name printed, was physically, mentally and sexually abused by his father, Paul Bosworth, from the age of six, while he lived on Goseley Farm in Hartshorne.

His father, of Orchard Street, Newhall, and known in the community as ‘Uncle Paul’, was jailed after being found guilty of rape and indecent assault charges.

His son called the police over the abuse 18 months ago, breaking his silence, in a brave move that led to his father being convicted at Derby Crown Court.

He said: “I’m very relieved that he got what he deserved.

“I still get flash backs from when I was a child and when these things come into your head it causes severe depression. I’ve made a few suicide attempts.” The man, who now lives in Derby, said he was made to work tirelessly on the farm and was subjected to horrendous beatings and sexual abuse by his father.

He said: “It was only when I got older that I refused to do what he wanted, so he’d beat me.

“I’d rather have my ribs broken than do it.” The abuse continued up until he was 16 years old, when his father forced him out of the house at the end of a shot gun.

After that Mr Bosworth went to live with his mother, who was divorced from his father and had remarried.

Paul Bosworth was known to many as ‘Uncle Paul’, but his son said that he was only nice to people when he wanted something.

He said: “I have got children of my own and they will never know that he was my dad.

“He’s an evil and nasty man and I’m glad other children are safe now.

“All those who have been abused by him in any way can come forward now without any repercussions.” Anyone who has been abused by Paul Bosworth can contact Derbyshire Constabulary on 0345 123 33 33.