Friday, August 27, 2010

Dad charged with felony murder in death of 3-month-old son (Blackman Township, Michigan)

Typical shaken baby case. Dad ADAM STEVENS was "too rough" and "didn't know how to care for such a small child." But Daddy was left alone with his 3-month-old son anyway. The baby later died from brain injuries associated with shaken baby syndrome (a/k/a abusive head trauma).

Updated: 7:26 PM Aug 20, 2010

Father Charged in Child's Death
Adam Stevens was charged Friday in connection with his three-month-old son, Kian's, death.

Posted: 6:13 PM Aug 20, 2010
Reporter: Jamie Edmonds
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John Woods remembers running into his neighbors -- Adam Stevens and his girlfriend -- about three months ago, as they brought their first child together home.

"It was a beautiful little baby," Woods said. "I was congratulating them on how beautiful it was and they thanked me."

Woods called them a happy, quiet family which is why he was so shocked to hear the news Friday: The baby is dead, his father is charged with murder.

"I was stunned," he said. "I couldn't believe it."

Blackman Township Public Safety was called to the couple's apartment early Thursday because the three-month-old wasn't breathing.

"We did get him breathing again, then we took him to Allegiance Health," Blackman Township Public Safety Deputy Director John Johnston said. "Then he was flown to U of M hospital, where he died Thursday about 5 pm."

Doctors said he died from what is commonly refered to as "shaking baby syndrome." Stevens was alone with the child at the time.

"The pathologist said the CAT scan proved there were both previous injuries and fresh injuries consistent with abusive head trauma," Johnston said.

The child's mother and Adam's father came home, while our cameras were still there. They said there is another side to this story. His father said Adam suffered from some kinds of mental illness, and he believes there's no way he could have done this on purpose.

The child's mother agreed, even though she said she told Adam on several occasions that he was being too rough with Kian. She thinks he just didn't know how to care for such a small child.

The baby would have officially turned three-months-old on Saturday.

Stevens is being charged with felony murder which carries a life sentence, and child abuse in the first degree which has a maximum penalty of 15 years. He's being held in the Jackson County Jail without bond.