Friday, August 13, 2010

Custodial dad with history of child neglect locks son out of house for days (Hamilton County, Tennessee)

Custodial dad JOHN MANSFIELD has a history of child neglect, and apparently he has not improved his act over time. According to neighbors, his 12-year-old son is locked out of the house for days on end without food, shelter, shoes, or clean clothing. While there is mention of Daddy's girlfriend, there is NO MENTION OF THIS BOY'S MOTHER. Is she alive, dead? Who knows? The boy has been placed in a group home.


12 Year Old Locked Out Of Home For Days
His Father Faces Child Neglect Charge
August 13, 2010 5:33 PM
Karen Zatkulak

A twelve year old boy is locked out of his own home for days, according to an affidavit from Hamilton County Courts. While his father faces neglect charges, those who live nearby tell us how helpless the child was when they found him.

It was August 4th when Alice Tate called police. She, and her neighbors, had been feeding the twelve year old, and watching him. Things they say the boy's own father refused to do, as he locked his son out time and time again.

Amanda Morgan says, "I could never imagine leaving my kids by myself, letting them roam around by themselves and going days and days on end without food or shelter."

But that's what Morgan says she witnessed with a 12 year old boy who started riding bikes with her own boys. Morgan says she saw the child wandering her Red Bank neighborhood and noticed he hadn't bathed or eaten in days. She adds he was wearing a shirt and "Some khaki shorts that were filthy, nasty, nasty, no shoes."

Morgan let the boy stay with her Thursday night. He told her his father had locked him out of their house on Whitehall Road. Morgan says, "Basically no one cared, he was here all night long, all morning. How could you do that to a child?"

Down the street, Alice Tate tells us she also noticed the boy and tried to help. Tate says, "The lady in one kept him for a few nights, the guy in 5 let him stay the night, he just started going house to house until finally he just said it, my dad is gone and not coming back."

Tate says after he'd been roaming for days, she called police and made a report. It says after the boy's father locked him out, he left out to go out of town with his girlfriend.

We were there in court Friday when the boy's father John Mansfield faced a judge. With his next appearance set, he left and only told us that he thinks he will be cleared of any wrongdoing. Meanwhile those who tried to take care of the abandoned boy, say his father should have to pay. Morgan says, "I think he should go to prison at least as many years as he mistreated that boy."

The affidavit says this isn't the first time something like this has been reported. It says Mansfield has a history of neglecting his son. Mansfield is due back in court on September 10th. He faces a charge of child neglect.

In court, we learned that the little boy will be going to a group home until a decision is made.