Thursday, August 5, 2010

New details on 9-year-old girl "allegedly" murdered by custodial dad, girlfriend (Monument, Colorado)

You have to have a fairly strong stomach if you dish up a crime blog on a daily basis, but this story is making me truly physically sick. It appears that custodial dad HANIF SIMS and his gal pal may have BURIED THIS CHILD ALIVE in their basement crawl space.

For additional background on this sicko couple, and how the father--even with a previous record of child abuse--stripped the mother of custody, see our earlier posts just from July:

New details released about death of monument girl
by Rachel Welte
Posted: 08.04.2010 at 8:26 PM
Rachel Welte

EL PASO COUNTY, COLO. -- New information is released on the death of nine-year-old Genesis Sims, the young girl whose body was found in a crawl space in a home in Monument back in May.

Sims' body was found by two contractors installing a sump pump on May 14th.

It took nearly two months to identify the body as that of Genesis due to the condition it was in.

Meanwhile her biological father, Hanif Sims, and his girlfriend, Monique Lynch, were on the run from authorities.

They were eventually taken into custody on July 7th in Nevada.

Since that time, detectives have been interviewing them, trying to piece together what happened to Genesis.

Then Wednesday morning, Hanif Sims and Monique Lynch had their first appearance in court, during which time an affidavit was unsealed stating Genesis may have been buried alive by her father and his girlfriend.

In an interview with detectives from the El Paso County Sheriff's Office, which is outlined in the affidavit, Hanif Sims told investigators that on the day of Genesis' death, Monique Lynch became upset with the girl after she soiled her pants, and began beating her.

Sims said that he left the house while Lynch gave Genesis a bath, and that when he returned the nine-year-old was dead in the bathtub.

He then told detectives, he took Genesis to the bed and gave her mouth to mouth, and added she seemed to be breathing although it was "shallow."

Later in the interview, Sims said the couple stayed with the struggling Genesis for two days, before they decided to bury her in the crawlspace of their home.

And in the most startling piece of the interview, Sims never confirmed or denied to authorities that Genesis was dead or alive before they put her in a bag and buried her.

When detectives asked Sims why he and Lynch did not call for help, he said Lynch did not want to because she had a warrant out for her arrest, and that she was pregnant with another child and could not afford to go to jail.

Finally Sims told authorities he believes that if medical had responded whey they should have called, Genesis would be alive today.

Sims and Lynch have been charged on multiple counts.

Lynch for First Degree Murder, Child Abuse Causing Death, Tampering with Physical Evidence, and Concealing Death.

Sims for Child Abuse Causing Death, Tampering with Physical Evidence, and Concealing Death.

As for when Genesis died, the affidavit did not say exactly, although in an interview with Genesis' step-brother Devon, he told detectives the last time he saw his step-sister was December 10th, 2008.