Friday, August 6, 2010

"Nice" dad shoots mom to death in front of their 7 children (Grady County, Georgia)

Who the hell are the idiots who are calling dad MARQUIS SIMPSON "nice"? He gunned down his "estranged" wife--and multiple times. Continued to shoot at her even as she tried to crawl away. He performed this hideous act, completely devoid of any shred of mercy, in front of their seven traumatized children who ranged in age from 5-12. I'm sick of these morons who are always sucking up to killer daddies.

Hat tip to E.

Community stunned after murder-suicide
Posted: Aug 05, 2010 4:56 PM CDT
Updated: Aug 05, 2010 5:09 PM CDT

Community shocked after murder suicide

By LeiLani Golden

Grady County, GA (WALB) – Seven children watched as their father killed their mother, then himself. Investigators in Grady County tell us Marquis Simpson shot his wife, 31-year-old Lacretia Simpson, multiple times right in front of their kids and then shot himself in the head.

Friends and family gathering at the home where it happened to mourn and offer support to those children.

Cars line the driveway at 125 Temple Terrance Circle in Grady County. Friends and family have gathered here to support a family grieving after an unthinkable tragedy.

"The children came and told me, my mama got shot," said the Victim's Aunt Linda Laiga.

Just after 9:00 Wednesday night, police say Marquis Simpson entered this house and opened fire on his estranged wife, Lucretia. Their seven children watched in horror nearby.

"Everyone saw it except the little one right there. That's the baby. But she's even catching on to what happened," said the Victim's Step-father Franklin Scott.

Witnesses say Lucretia tried to get away by crawling down the front steps. But Marquis followed her, firing multiple shots. And then, he turned the gun on himself.

Despite their loss, family members say it could have been worse. "He could have shot us before he went in the house," said Scott.

Or, they say Simpson could have turned the gun on his seven children aged 5-12. But those who knew him best, say he loved them more than anything. "He was a nice person, he took care of his children and everything," said Laiga.

Family members say the Simpsons had a history of domestic violence and he had threatened to kill her in the past.

"I didn't think it would go this far. I sure didn't," said Laiga.

Now the family says the children left behind are in shock. "They sit around and they're quiet with their heads down... thinking," said Scott.

"It has to settle in still. but we're gonna be okay," said the Victim's Cousin, Pastor Barbara Daniels.

And they say they have their tight knit community who have poured out love to thank for that. The family tells us counselors are scheduled to visit the children to help them work through what they witnessed.

Lucretia Simpson's parents will take custody of all seven children.