Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dad arrested for "allegedly" beating 3-month-old daughter; baby has fractured ribs, skull injuries (Edwardsville, Illinois)

Dad JOSH TROECKLER has been arrested for "allegedly" beating his 3-month-old daughter, who suffered several fractures ribs and injuries to her skull in the assault upon her.

INVISIBLE MOTHER ALERT. Where is this baby's mother? Working?


Josh Troeckler arrested for alleged child abuse
Updated: 22 hrs ago

Edwardsville, IL (KSDK) -- A 35-year-old Metro East man was arrested Monday and charged for allegedly beating his infant daughter and causing serious injuries.

According to Edwardsville Police Chief James S. Bedell, officers were called to St. Louis Children's Hospital on the night of August 23 in response to a suspected child abuse case. After an initial investigation, officers learned the three-month-old sustained several fractured ribs and injuries to her skull.

The girl was originally taken to Anderson Hospital in Maryville and later brought to St. Louis Children's Hospital for additional treatment.

Bedell said police believe girl's father, Josh D. Troeckler, inflicted the injuries on the girl inside their home. Authorities obtained a warrant for aggravated battery on August 27.

Troeckler was located and arrested by the St. Louis County Police Department and is being held pending extradition to Madison County, where he'll be incarcerated on $250,000 bond.