Monday, August 9, 2010

Dad gets 8 years for beating 8-year-old daughter (Upolu, Samoa)

UNNAMED DAD has been convicted of 1st-degree assault in the beating of his 8-year-old daughter, who was tied up with a rope before the beating. The judge cals it one of the most serious child abuse cases he had experienced as a judge, but Daddy gets just 8 years.


Father in America Samoa sentenced to 8 years for beating his daughter
Posted at 17:54 on 08 August, 2010 UTC

In American Samoa, a father who tied his daughter up with a rope and beat her with his hands and a stick was sentenced by the high court to 8 years in jail.

Associate Justice Lyle Richmond said before handing down the sentence that this was probably the most serious child abuse case that he’d experienced as a judge.

The father is convicted of first-degree assault and public peace disturbance.

In pleading guilty to the charges last month, the father said he had asked his daughter not to visit another family’s home but she would not listen.

The father said he let his anger take over him.

He tied his daughter up and beat her; he also cut her hair.

The father, who is from Samoa, told the court that this is how they discipline their children in Upolu.

Prosecutor Mitzie Folau said this is a classic case of domestic violence and this cycle of violence affects the entire family.

She also said the defendant was wrong to say this is how Samoans discipline their children.

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