Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dad keeps 1-year-old son from mother over extremist "Nation of Islam" views (Detroit, Michigan)

Contrast this case to ones where mothers "took off" with the kids, and Dad was immediately able to claim full custody through an ex parte hearing. No such luck for this poor mother, whose 1-year-old son has been kept from her by his religious nutcase father, THOMAS WRIGHT. This guy and his cult are weird even by traditional Islamic standards--and that's saying A LOT. But no help with an Amber Alert, nothing.

Father keeping child from mother over religious beliefs
By Laura Trowbridge.

Detroit - A mother with sole custody of her one-year-old son has not seen the boy in almost a month. The father belongs to a religious group that believes the black man is god, and he wants to raise his son in these beliefs.

Lakeisha Leak told Fox 2 News, "I just keep thinking, 'Like okay, how long is this going to go on before somebody actually helps me find my baby.'"

She said she filed two police reports and got a court order stating that if Thomas Wright, the father of her son, does not "return her son immediately, he will be held in contempt and a warrant will be issued for his arrest."

She said about a week has gone by since the court order and there has been no Amber Alert or arrest warrant issued for Wright.

Leak allowed Wright to take their son Ja'lon for a few days visit, but now he is refusing to give him back.

"It started feeling like a hostage situation. It's like, 'I'm not going to tell you where he is. I'm not giving him back to you basically because I have to protect him to know the truth that he is the true and living god,'" Leak said.

Wright belongs to the religious group, The Five Percenters, also known as The Nation of Gods and Earths, which is an offshoot of the Nation of Islam.

The group belives the "Original Blackman is God, the Original Blackwoman is the planet Earth, and through the inner esoteric powers of the Gods and Earths, people can transform and possess their true potential."

Since Leak does not believe these views, Wright, known now as "Righteous Allah", is keeping their son away from her.

Leak said, "It feels like a death. It's like mourning a loss."

Detroit police say they are "investigating, but they have a lot of questions, including whether the court order is even legal since the father hasn't been served and whether an Amber Alert can even be issued because the mother originally gave the boy to his father."

Leak said her son is disabled and needs his leg brace. "If he doesn't wear it for twelve hours a day to correct his clubfoot, the damage is long term and irreversible."