Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dad accused of forcing dish soap down 11-year-old son's throat; yes, it's during summer visitation (Fort Wayne, Indiana)

Well, now that all the non-custodial daddies have the kids for the summer, lots of abuse stories are coming out. This one involves a Florida mother who was forced to send her two kids to stay with UNNAMED DAD in Indiana.

Posted on Thu. Aug. 12, 2010 - 12:00 pm EDT

Man accused of forcing soap into son

A Fort Wayne man is accused of pouring liquid dish soap down his 11-year-old son’s throat until the boy threw up, according to a Fort Wayne Police report.

A woman from Gainesville, Fla., reported that she sent her two children to stay with their father in Fort Wayne for seven weeks, according to the report. When she picked her children up from the airport Sunday, she noticed bruises on her son’s face and arms. The boy later mentioned to his mother’s boyfriend that he had run into a corner to get the bruises on his face and the dish soap incident, according to the report. The woman called her ex-husband, who admitted to pouring the soap down the boy’s throat until he threw up, the report said. The woman also questioned both her children, who admitted the incident occurred. The woman told police she contacted Allen County Child services and is taking her son to a doctor in Florida.