Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dad gets 48 year for killing 6-month-old son (Adams County, Colorado)


Where was Mom while dad JUSTIN MICHAEL TAYLOR was busy flinging the baby to the ground? Not a word here. Somehow I imagine she was working to support his lazy @$$, given that he was probably unemployable from his probation for ANOTHER felony.

If mothers are forced to participate in the workforce, there have got to be better childcare options than deadbeat criminal daddies.


Adams Co. dad gets 48 years for killing baby
By Howard Pankratz
The Denver Post

Posted: 08/10/2010 12:07:03 PM MDT
Updated: 08/10/2010 12:12:59 PM MDT

A father who flung his 6-month-old special needs child to the floor and killing him has been sentenced to a maximum prison term of 48 years.

Justin Michael Taylor, 23, initially blamed the little boy's 18-month-old sister for the severe head injury to the child.

He claimed the little girl ran into her brother and dropped a book on his head, according to the Adams County District Attorney's Office.

However, Taylor later changed his story, first saying he had dropped the baby, Julian Adams-Lacas, but then admitting he threw the baby to the ground.

Julian was a special-needs child born with a bilateral cleft plate. The incident occurred in February 2009.

Julian suffered retinal, neck and thoracic hemorrhage and bruising of the brain. Prosecutors said that Julian's injuries were caused by shaking or a combination of shaking and the impact of hitting the floor.

He died three days later.

Taylor was found guilty of child abuse resulting in death by an Adams County jury on June 23.

At the time of the incident, Taylor was on probation for another felony.

The potential sentence for Taylor ranged from 16 to 48 years. Adams County District Judge John Bryan imposed the maximum.

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