Friday, August 27, 2010

Dad jailed after 3-month-old daughter hospitalized with severe head trauma (San Antonio, Texas)

This case is no surprise, given dad BOBBY FERNANDEZ's criminal history and history of violence against his girlfriend--who is only in middle school! Their 3-month-old baby is the latest victim, after Daddy shook her for crying, causing severe head trauma and bleeding on the brain. Why wasn't this guy in jail, if police had been to the home 8 TIMES over the course of this year?

Shaking rage: Baby has severe head injuries

Last Update: 5:57 am

By Melissa Garcia, News 4 WOAI

SAN ANTONIO - A man here is in jail on a $75,000 bond after police say he shook a three month old baby when she wouldn't stop crying. The little girl was rushed to University Hospital Tuesday with severe head trauma and bleeding on the brain.

Thursday morning police arrested Bobby Fernandez, 21, for Injury to a Child. Police say Fernandez broke down in interrogation and admitted to shaking the baby. Authorities tell us when the infant had a seizure, Fernandez waited for the baby to start breathing again instead of calling 911.

“It's horrible. We knew something had happened because there were lots of police there, but we had no idea what had actually happened until we saw the news today,” said Maria Valdez, who lives across the street from the West Side home where the incident happened.

Neighbors tell News 4 WOAI that suspect Bobby Fernandez is the father of the shaken baby and say the baby’s mother is only in middle school. “When she was pregnant, he had her inside one time, beating her up,” said Valdez.

We checked with police and found out officers have been called to the home a total of eight times since the beginning of this year. Those calls include assault, rape, and neighborhood disturbance.

A background check also shows that the man accused of shaking the baby has a criminal history. Fernandez was convicted last year of burglarizing a car.