Monday, August 9, 2010

Mother of girl slain by sexually abusive, custodial father files $13M lawsuit (Dyersburg, Tennessee)

We've posted on this case several times. Still not explained by ANYBODY: How did a sexually abusive father like CHRISTOPHER MILBURN gain and retain custody of a teenage daughter? Who gave it to him and why? Note that when the daughter finally disclosed the abuse, the idiotic CPS did not return her to her mother, but gave her to neighbors just 3 doors away as foster care providers. Daddy then shot the girl to death. The foster parents were also shot, with just one surviving. The mother has already filed suit against the state. Now she is filing suit against the step, who "allegedly" knew of the fathers actions and intentions, but did nothing to protect the murdered girl.

Mother of slain girl files $13 million lawsuit
Sunday, August 8, 2010

Dyersburg State Gazette

The mother of a 15-year-old girl who was killed in a murder/suicide last year is seeking $13 million from the alleged murderer's estate.

Jessica L. Readen of Roseburg, Ore., is suing the estate of Christopher Milburn and his widow, Amber Milburn of Dyersburg.

The civil lawsuit was filed on Readen's behalf July 30 in Dyer County Circuit Court by Dean Dedmon of Wilkerson Gauldin Hayes & Jenkins.

The lawsuit claims Christopher Milburn was "inappropriately touching, molesting, and/or sexually abusing (the daughter they shared) on an ongoing basis." The teen-ager reported the abuse to the Tennessee Department of Children's Services in July 2009. DCS removed the teen from her father's custody and placed her in the home of neighbors, Todd and Susan Randolph.

On Aug. 2, 2009, Christopher Milburn reportedly shot his daughter and the Randolphs and then committed suicide in a field nearby. Susan Randolph, who was shot multiple times, was the only survivor.

According to the lawsuit, Amber Milburn knew her husband was upset about the teen's allegations and was experiencing suicidal and homicidal thoughts prior to the shootings. She also, according to the lawsuit, knew that her husband was armed with a gun when he went to the Randolphs' house that evening.

The lawsuit claims Amber Milburn never warned anyone, police included, that her husband was armed and agitated. "Defendant, Amber Milburn, breached her duty to the (teen-aged girl) by failing to advise the minor child, her caretakers, and/or proper authorities (whether law enforcement or otherwise) of the behavior of her husband in the days leading up to August 2, 2009, and on August 2, 2009," the lawsuit said.

Readen is seeking $3 million in compensatory damages for her daughter's pain and suffering, the value of her daughter's life and her funeral expenses. Readen also is seeking $10 million in punitive damages.

Readen has requested a jury trial.

A couple of days before filing the civil lawsuit, Dedmon also filed a claim against the state of Tennessee for $300,000. The claim accuses the Tennessee Department of Children's Services of failing to protect her daughter and violating its own policies and procedures.

Readen previously received $6,000 for her daughter's funeral expenses through the Criminal Injury Compensation Fund. Convicted state and federal felons finance the fund through fines. Innocent victims of violence may file for medical expenses, loss of support, loss of wages, disability, funeral expenses and crime scene cleanup if the crime happened in the home.