Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dad arrested on felony child abuse complaints; 2-month-old baby has broken leg, skull fractures (Midwest City, Oklahoma)

Dad CHRISTOPHER THOMPSON CASE has been arrested on felony child abuse complaints after his 2-month-old son was hospitalized with a broken leg and skull fractures.


Midwest City father arrested on child abuse complaints
Christopher Thompson Case, 20, of Midwest City, was arrested Monday on felony child abuse complaints. His two-month-old son is at OU Medical Center with a broken leg and skull fractures, authorities said.

Published: August 31, 2010

MIDWEST CITY — A 2-month-old boy is being treated at OU Medical Center, and his father has been arrested on felony complaints, police said.

Travis Ryder Case, who police said was born in June, was taken to the hospital Saturday, Police Chief Brandon Clabes said.

The boy is suffering from a broken femur, two skull fractures and an old fracture to the wrist. Doctors said the injuries were caused by child abuse, Clabes said.

Midwest City police investigator Wade Ramsey interviewed both parents, who denied any knowledge of the injuries. The family lives at 1433 N. Midwest Boulevard, Huntington Place Apartments in Midwest City.

Christopher Thompson Case, 20, the boy's father, was arrested Monday on child abuse complaints. He was booked into Midwest City Police Department jail where he posted $30,000 bail.

The boy is in fair condition at the hospital, Clabes said.

The investigation is ongoing and the mother has hired an attorney, Clabes said. Investigators are trying to determine if anyone had knowledge of the abuse and allowed it to occur, Clabes said.

The boy is recovering at the hospital, and a DHS hearing is expected this week to determine who will take custody.

"These cases are always difficult, especially with a child of this age who is completely defenseless." Clabes said.

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