Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"Babysitting" dad leaves son outside bar while drinking (St. Paul, Minnesota)

These stories have become almost routine as employed moms turn in desparation to unemployed dads for childcare help. In this case, "babysitting" dad RAYMOND CRAWFORD, JR. decided he just wanted to chill at the bar for a while--with no pesky two-year-old around, thank you very much. So he just dumped his son outside in the bar parking lot. Thank goodness this child wasn't hit by a car and seriously injured or killed. Note that Daddy got so plastered he actually passed out.

If Mom dumps his @$$, how much you want to be he'd still get custodial rights as the "primary caretaker"? Never mind the fact that he appears to be your basic alcoholic deadbeat, and should never be around kids.


Police: St. Paul Father Left Son Outside Bar While He Drank

A St. Paul father is facing charges after he left his two-year-old son in a bar parking lot while he was inside drinking, police say.

Raymond Crawford, Jr., 22, was arrested and booked for child endangerment and child neglect.

Police say a woman found the boy playing outside Hoagies Bar around 9 p.m. Sunday. She said he ran into the street and a car had to stop to avoid hitting him.

Police found Crawford passed out in the parking lot when they arrived. The boy was nearby crying, but physically okay.

Police say it took the officer about a minute to wake up Crawford and he couldn't remember bringing the boy to the bar.

The boy's mother, who was working at the time, was upset and asked police to bring the boy to a relative's home.