Friday, September 26, 2014

Family courts reward dad who engaged in "custodial interference" by giving him legal custody of 3-year-old daughter (Richland, Washington)

For the last 20-30 years, the fathers rights folks and moaned and whined about mothers "interfering" in custody matters related to the children they gave birth to. It's pretty evident now that they were never opposed to "interference" in principle, as it is now totally okay for fathers to abscond with the kids in situations involving joint custody AND BE REWARDED FOR IT.  Dad is identified as JASON ROBERT SPENCER.

‘Custodial interference’ charge dismissed

Former defendant now has legal custody of 3-year-old daughter

By TERRY SMITH Express Staff Writer

A former Hailey man who was earlier this year charged with “custodial interference,” a felony in Idaho, now has legal custody of his 3-year-old daughter, the child he was accused of illegally taking from her mother.

 “I have custody of my child as we speak in the state of Washington,” Jason Robert Spencer, 39, said in a telephone interview Wednesday.

The felony charge against Spencer has now been dismissed by the Blaine County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office and a child custody dispute between Spencer and the girl’s mother has been resolved, at least temporarily, in a civil case.

Spencer was charged with the crime of custodial interference in February after Hailey police alleged that he had illegally taken the child out of state. Civil litigation was also started at about that time to determine both parents’ rights and obligations regarding the child.

A civil disposition in the dispute, providing that father and mother share custody of the child, was issued in July after the parties submitted a written agreement to the court.

Spencer said he took custody of the child, with Hailey police aware of the situation, about three weeks ago and took her from Hailey to Richland, Wash., where he now lives.

 “According to our court order, she [the mother] must be able to support our child,” Spencer said. “She can’t meet any of the guidelines that are in our court order.”