Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Dad arrested for seriously injuring 15-month-old son with "multibladed weapon"-- and killing the dog (Houston, Texas)

Dad is identified as RODNEY JERMAINE LEE. I suspect this may be a case where the mother was trying to leave the relationship, or had just left. Sounds a lot like a "revenge" type action.


HPD: Toddler hospitalized, man arrested at SW Houston home

Author: Joel Eisenbaum, Investigative Reporter, Anchor
Matt Aufdenspring, Web Managing Editor, Click2Houston.com

Published On: Sep 22 2014 11:01:26 AM CDT Updated On: Sep 22 2014 11:12:44 PM CDT

HOUSTON - A bizarre, multibladed weapon may have contributed to the serious injuries suffered by a southwest Houston toddler Monday.

According to Houston police, a woman arrived home at Westhampton and Bathurst from a trip at around 10 a.m. Monday and found the child's father in a pool of blood on the floor, cradling the baby. A dead dog was found nearby.

"Me and my wife go in there and there are wounds to the baby's face and all across the arm," said neighbor Ken Wallace.

A Local 2 photographer dispatched to the scene caught a shot of a weapon removed from the house. It appears to be a wearable glove with metal claws. A source close to the investigation confirmed the item was sharp and very dangerous.

Police say the 15-month old boy had a severe gash from his forehead to his eyebrow. There was also shattered glass from a broken window everywhere.

At this time, police tell Local 2 they do not know if the child's injuries were from the glass shards or if he was cut by the metal claw or something else.

The woman, who police say is related to the baby but haven't said she's the mother, started screaming and neighbors ran inside to pull the child off the father and call police, according to investigators.

Police say when officers arrived, the father was belligerent and had to be hog-tied. He was taken into custody.

The woman went to the hospital with the child, who was conscious. Local 2 has learned the child suffered a fractured skull. The toddler's condition has not been released.

A group of neighbors managed to get the child out of the house as the suspect, identified as 31-year-old Rodney Jermaine Lee, drifted in and out of lucidity.

Police at the scene speculated that Lee may have been under the influence of drugs. On Monday night he was being examined by doctors.

An officer at the scene said Lee would be charged with injury to a child. Those charges could be upgraded depending on the fate of the boy.

Neighbors stepped in to help. "My wife put the boy on a cot and just put her hand to God, and he started breathing," Wallace said. Neighbors tell Local 2 the residents had only been in the home about five weeks, and they didn't know them very well.