Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Dad arrested for abusing 5-month-old daughter; baby has broken leg, rib (Pleaseant Valley, Utan)

Appears to be another case where a deadbeat dad was "caretaking" while Mom had to work. Too many young males lack the patience and nurturing skills to take care of infants. This is why they consistently freak out over normal infantile crying.

Dad is identified as HANSEL ARTURO DEL-CASTILLO.

Police: Pleasant Grove father broke baby's leg, rib

8 hours ago • Daily Herald

PLEASANT GROVE -- A Pleasant Grove man was arrested late Tuesday night after doctors found signs of abuse against his infant daughter. Hansel Arturo Del-Castillo, 26, was arrested at his home in the 600 South block of 350 East on suspicion of three counts of child abuse, a third-degree felony, according to a police report.

Police were called to Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City after doctors examining the 5-month-old baby found several broken bones. Police said an officer was at the hospital when doctors performed a preliminary examination of the child and found a fractured rib bone and two broken bones in one of the baby's lower legs.

Doctors also said the child’s throat appeared to be burned, and bruises covered the child’s body, according to the report.

During a police interview, Del-Castillo told officers he “lost control” when he could not get the baby to stop crying while he was caring for the child Tuesday, according to police.

The arrest report stated that on three separate occasions the suspect squeezed the baby and threw her down. According to the report, the suspect told police, "I pretty much squeezed the life out of her" and eventually "I tossed her onto my bed."

He also heated a bottle in a microwave for three minutes and tried feeding the child, according to the report.

Police said the child’s mother first noticed something was wrong when she came home from work to the crying child. She told police she found a bruise on the child, but was told by the suspect that an older sibling had fallen on the baby.

Four hours after she arrived home, the mother called a pediatrician who examined the baby and referred her to American Fork Hospital for X-rays. Once the broken bones were discovered, the infant was transported by ambulance to Primary Children’s Hospital.

No condition report was immediately available for the child.