Sunday, September 7, 2014

Dad arrested after missing 9-year-old daughter found with bruises; mom now has "temporary custody" (Dayton, Ohio)

Mom now has "temporary custody." Not even sure what that means. She didn't have custody before? She did, but now it's only temporary because Daddy is an a-hole?

Dad is identified as WESLEY STEVENSON.

Posted: 4:31 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 7, 2014

Father jailed after missing daughter found with bruises

By Breaking News Staff

DAYTON — A father is facing charges after his daughter, who was reported missing, was found in a neighbor's backyard with a black eye.

Wesley Stevenson, 36, was arrested Saturday at his home on Brookside Drive, according to police and jail records.

Police said Stevenson's 9-year-old daughter was reported missing on Friday and she was found by a schoolmate around 3 a.m. Saturday.

The girl was sitting on a swing in the backyard of a neighbor's house, where she told police she planned to stay the night, according to the report.

The girl had a visible black eye on the left side of her face, and bruising indicative of being grabbed under one arm, which was discovered after she was taken to Dayton Children's Hospital, according to the report.

The girl told police her father hit her while yelling at her for taking his cell phone to school and breaking it, according to the report.

Police said county children services granted temporary custody to the child's mother. Stevenson is being held in the Montgomery County Jail on suspicion of child endangering.