Sunday, September 21, 2014

Custodial "caretaker" dad charged with severely beating 6-month-old son (Pulaski, Virginia)

So it appears Dad STEVEN EDWARD AKERS got custody because Mom was in jail for some dubious reason, like "getting caught up with the wrong people." Does that mean drugs? Who knows. At any rate, Dad sounds much worse, and he was still walking around. And nearly killing his infant son in the process.

Pulaski man charged with abusing 6-month-old son

WDBJ7 New River Valley Newsroom Bureau Chief Orlando Salinas Orlando
POSTED: 06:00 PM EDT Sep 17, 2014  

PULASKI, Va. -- - A Pulaski father is accused of severely beating his 6-month old son.

We got a tip from a viewer late Tuesday night about this story. This reporter found out both the baby's father and mother are in jail.

Ashley White said she knew the baby's family. This reporter showed a picture of the injured baby to White.

"Stories like this just absolutely eat me alive. I don't see how anyone can ever do this to a poor innocent child," White said.

Pulaski Police Detective Wes Ratcliff said that last Friday at around 10 p.m. they got a phone call.

"An anonymous caller called the police department and wanted the officers to do a welfare check on an infant, 6-months-old," Ratcliff said.

Ratcliff said officers showed up at the Washington Square apartment complex. They rang the bell and knocked on the door.

"When the infant was found, we did find him with severe injuries. It did take the officers some time to locate the caretaker of the child," Ratcliff said.

That caretaker was the baby's father, 23-year-old Steven Edward Akers. He is in jail, charged with child abuse and neglect of his son, Steven, who carries his father's first name.

Steven Akers' Facebook page is full of photographs. His profile picture shows him holding his son.

Police tell me the baby's mother is also in jail in Central Virginia on an unrelated charge.

White said until Wednesday, she never knew the baby was in any danger.

"She was a good person from what I understand. She got caught up with the wrong people. She was in jail and I guess she trusted the guy she left the baby with," White said.

Detective Ratcliff offered the final word on 6-month-old Steven.

"The baby is safe. We caught it in time, thanks to an anonymous caller. And she saved that baby's life," Ratcliff said.