Friday, September 12, 2014

Dad who ADMITS stabbing to death his two young children during visitation granted bail (Saint-Jerome, Quebec, Canada)

We've followed this story since 2009. Dad GUY TURCOTTE strikes me as a shrewd sociopath who is skilled at milking the system. Somehow he was able to convince all these people that he was deeply mentally ill and depressed--even though he apparently had no documentable mental illness prior to the murders and was able to carry out his job just fine. In reality, he's the classic revenge killer. He was pissed because the mother left him, so he punished her in the most effective way possible--by killing her children. He should spend his life rotting in prison. But no, now he's free to roam around and torment his poor ex-wife. Sickening.

Quebec doctor who killed his kids granted bail

A judge ruled that Guy Turcotte should be freed pending his new first-degree murder trial next year.

By: The Canadian Press, Published on Fri Sep 12 2014

SAINT-JEROME, QUE.—A former Quebec doctor who admitted to stabbing his two children to death has been granted bail. A judge ruled Friday morning that Guy Turcotte should be freed pending his new first-degree murder trial next year.

Turcotte is charged in the slayings of his children Olivier, 5, and Anne-Sophie, 3, at a rented family home north of Montreal in early 2009.

A jury found Turcotte not criminally responsible in 2011 and he was released from a psychiatric institution in December 2012. The Quebec Court of Appeal overturned the verdict last November, citing errors by the trial judge in his instructions to the jury.

The higher court ordered a new trial, leading to Turcotte’s rearrest in late 2013.

Turcotte told the court during his bail hearing he should be freed because it is his right and that he could be of more use to society as a caregiver to some of his relatives instead of spending time in prison.