Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Dad accused of abusing 5-month-old triplets gets of out of jail with no charges filed despite mulltiple fractures; prosecutor waiting for "expert reports" (Kennewick, Washington)

Classic case of mother erasure. Logically you know that some woman must have given birth to these babies (a person typically known in English as a mother). Yet there is no sign of her here at all. The babies are now in "protective custody" though there is no mention of Mom being suspected of abuse or abetting it. It's as if she had never existed. Did this guy have full custody or something?

Dad is identified as DEMETRIAS M. WILLIAMS.

The prosecutor's concerns are ridiculous. Five-month-old infants don't develop fractures on their own. They're not mobile. They don't get into accidents. Short of some rare bone disease, fractures in babies this young are nearly always due to abuse.

And in this article, it is reported that Daddy confessed to the police that he abused the babies. So what the hell is going on here? Why the dithering?

Dad of Kennewick triplets out of jail after abuse alleged

Kristin M. Kraemer, Tri-City Herald
August 29, 2014

A Kennewick father accused of abusing his triplets has been released from jail while prosecutors wait for more reports in the investigation.

Demetrias M. Williams, 24, was arrested Monday by Kennewick detectives after allegedly admitting he was responsible for injuring his 5-month-old girl and two boys.

He had been in the Benton County jail on a 72-hour-hold on suspicion of second-degree assault of a child.

But on Wednesday, Deputy Prosecutor Emily Sullivan notified jail staff that she would not be filing charges at this time and to release Williams.

"It's still an ongoing investigation," Sullivan told the Herald. "We are waiting for some medical and expert reports that I do not have yet."

Sullivan added that her office takes allegations of child abuse very seriously, but she's just not sure what the appropriate charge or charges would be at this point.

A Kennewick police news release said one of the boys was admitted to Kadlec Regional Medical Center on Aug. 3 to be treated for an undisclosed illness.

An X-ray revealed the baby had several rib fractures, which were described as "nonaccidental trauma" and consistent with abuse, police said. Medical staff at the Richland hospital also reportedly found other broken bones.

X-rays then were taken of the other two babies and those showed similar rib fractures, said police spokesman Mike Blatman.

The baby's were two months premature when they were born in March and weighed about 2 pounds each, according to Herald archive stories.

The babies remain in protective custody, and Williams is not to have any contact with his children at this point, Sullivan said.