Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Custodial dad hands gun to abused 13-year-old son, tells suicidal boy to kill himself (Oscela County, Florida)

All kinds of interesting things are buried in this article. Let's count them.

1) Dad MICHAEL YATSKO was custodial. He has to be, otherwise it would make no sense for him to tell the boy he wanted him to live with his ex-wife. If the boy was already living with the ex-wife, the father wouldn't tell him to do something he was already doing. Ipso facto, the boy was living with his physically and emotionally abusive father. In other words, this POS had custody.

2) So let's back up. Whenever there is a living mother, there had to be a DECISION that the father have custody. That means the mother either "agreed" (typically under threats--explicit or implicit--or duress of some sort) or there was involvement/collusion by the family courts.

3) That means this situation didn't just "happen.". It was CREATED. Who gave this abusive father custody? Who allowed this situation to continue to this point? Who enabled this vicious father to continually torture his son like this? Let's see the names.

4) Point of fact: Florida generally leads the country in the number of fathers who kill their children in situations involving custody, visitation, and child support. This is a near miss.


Father Hands Suicidal Son Gun to Kill Himself Because He Didn't Love Him Anyway


An Osceola County father is facing charges after investigators said he handed his son a gun moments after the boy talked about taking his own life.

Investigators said the gun was not loaded, but Michael Yatsko is facing child abuse and neglect charges.

Yatsko told deputies he was tired of his 13-year-old son acting cowardly.

The 44-year-old went before a judge Thursday and was granted bond, but was told to have no contact with his son and to surrender his weapons.

He was arrested in his St. Cloud home on Wednesday after he allegedly taunted his son by handing him the .45 caliber gun.

Deputies were initially called to the home on Alligator Lake Road on Tuesday after Yatsko allegedly slammed the boys head on a table.

The next day, deputies were back at the home after they said Yatsko told his son he didnt love him and wanted him to live with his ex-wife, the boys mother.

When the teen said he wanted to kill himself, Yatsko allegedly went into the boys bedroom, threw the handgun on the bed and told him, Do it. Kill yourself. I dont really care.

The gun was found unloaded by deputies Wednesday afternoon and the father claimed he never left his son alone with it.

The Department of Children and Families is now involved with the case.

(Source WFTV)