Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Dad charged with murder for beating death of 1-month-old baby during visitation (Kingston, North Carolina)

We've said it before, and we will say it again. There is absolutely no good reason for newborns to be subjected to visitation. It's developmentally harmful, interferes with breast feeding, creates attachment problems, and stresses infants unnecessarily. There is ESPECIALLY no reason for infants to be subjected to visitation with young, never married fathers who apparently never had any intention of committing to the mother or being part of a family. These guys are often volatile, potentially violent, and unable to bond with the baby in any way. Too often the result is serious injury or death. We need to stop pretending that casual relationships are the same thing as marriage. These guys deserve NO RIGHTS as they have assumed NO RESPONSIBILITIES.

And we need to stop going after these dudes for child support. It just puts babies at risk because visitation is mandated for the mothers to receive payment. Just provide mothers and children with the income supports they need. Tax these guys if need be. But stop this slaughter of babies.

Dad is identified as RICKY LEE CLARK JR.

NC dad charged with murder in brutal death of infant son

Posted: Sep 15, 2014 8:35 PM EDT Updated: Sep 15, 2014 8:41 PM EDT

By WNCT News

 KINSTON, NC - The father of an 1-month-old baby has now been charged in the murder of the North Carolina child, which happened in February.

Just 2 weeks ago, officials ruled the Feb. 17 death of baby Caden Williams -- who suffered broken ribs, liver damage and head trauma -- a homicide.

Now, they have charged Ricky Lee Clark Jr. at his home around 4:30 p.m. Monday afternoon. He's charged with an open count of murder in the death of his infant son, who was visiting Clark Jr. at the time the baby started coughing up blood, officials and Caden's aunt say.

Kinston Public Safety re-opened the investigation recently after the autopsy revealed someone killed the 1-month-old. Officers say they needed the autopsy to know for sure how little Caden Williams died.

The autopsy revealed someone broke Caden's ribs, damaged his liver, and delivered some serious head trauma. Officials then ruled it homicide.

Clark Jr., age 20, is being held without bond in the Lenoir County Jail. His first appearance is scheduled for Tuesday.

Caden's aunt says the baby started coughing up blood and stopped breathing during a visit to his father, Ricky Lee Clark Jr.'s, house. Caden's mother, Tyrianna Williams, just wants someone to give her some answers.

“Now that we have the autopsy report back, it's no sleeping. We know somebody actually killed this baby," said the victim's aunt, Nakia Blackwell.

Blackwell says Caden passed away while visiting his father on February 17th.

"We sent a perfectly healthy baby away, and the next thing you know we are at the hospital kissing a dead baby," said Blackwell.

Blackwell says the last six months waiting for the autopsy results have been difficult for Caden's mother. She says the details of Caden's injuries were hard for family to read.

“It was a gruesome murder. You shook this baby, you punched this baby, you slapped this baby, and then you didn't get the baby [any] help," said Blackwell.

Blackwell says she will continue to push for justice for Caden. Just after the case was re-opened weeks ago, the family hosted a candlelight vigil for Caden in Kinston.