Monday, September 29, 2014

Dads, uncles are top violators in cases of child sexual abuse (Mumbai, India)

This is pretty much consistent with every other study on child sexual abuse.

Child sexual abuse: When home is no safe haven

Sunday, 28 September 2014 - 7:00am IST | Agency: DNA Kranti Vibhute

Contrary to their image as protectors, fathers and uncles have emerged as the top violators in cases of child sexual abuse, a study by NGO Arpan has revealed. The organisation evaluated newspaper reports on such cases over the period between 2007 and 2011 and found that in 64 per cent of accused were by father or stepfather.

At 17 per cent, uncles sit on the second spot. According to Arpan's findings, maximum crimes were committed at the victim's own home – the figure stood at 27.4, while other familiar spots such as school, tuitions and neighbourhood comprised 56.6 per cent.

The study solely focuses on Mumbai edition of four national newspapers. The researchers collected 1,711 newspaper reports on child sexual abuse (CSA). Fathers turned monsters in 56.63 per cent cases, while stepfathers were accused in 7.43 per cent cases. Grandfathers too figures in the survey though the figure was less than one per cent.

Seema Hingorani, clinical psychologist and trauma expert, said, "I completely agree that a lot of crimes happen at home. I have many young adults who were sexually abused as kids and are still undergoing trauma. They tell me the perpetrator was their grandfather, uncle and domestic help, watchman, driver or cook."

She said the figure about father could be true as it might pertain to upper middle class and middle class. "Parents need to be more aware where they are sending a child and make every possible efforts to question the child."

Arundhati Chavan, president of United Forum, shared similar sentiments. "Parents have shared such stories with us. There is a need for regular awareness programmes for children on their safety."