Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Judge denies bail to dad accused of killing 6-month-old son, baby's mother in arson-murder (Columbus, Georgia)

Dad is identified as BRANDON CONNER.


Judge denies bond for father accused in double homicide

Roslyn Giles Posted: 09/23/2014 6:47 AM

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - New details have been released in a double homicide case involving a Columbus mother and her son. The prosecutor in the case, Don Kelly, told the court more charges will be filed against the child's father, Brandon Conner.

It is the first time we heard anything about possible arson related charges since Rosella Mitchell and Dylan were killed and left to burn inside their Winifred Lane home on Aug. 22.

The information was revealed during a bond hearing Monday, Sept. 22. Conner held his head down during the entire proceeding listening as his attorney William Kendrick argued that his client is not a flight risk.

Kendrick also pointed out that Conner has not been charged with arson... a key part of the case since prosecutor maintain the fire was deliberately set to cover up the murders. That's when Kelly made it know that the charges are forthcoming in the case.

"It's of course interesting there were no facts to support it in the beginning. So it may be more of a getting an indictment that's congruent with the case as oppose to a charge that's by any real evidence," explained Kendrick.

Prosecuting attorney, Don Kelly told the judge he is opposed to Conner getting out on bond and that he is a great flight risk based on the charges and what he could be facing in the future.

Detective Valerie Holder also told the court a knife was found in the defendant's BMW and a large amount of blood was on his person when police stopped him last month. It was around the same time the remains of Conner's girlfriend and his six month old son were found inside their burning house on Winifred Lane.

Rosella Mitchell had been stabbed, but Dylan's death is still undetermined. Holder also said Conner was sweating and extremely nervous. He was taken into custody on unrelated charges.

But in the end, Judge Bill Rumer denied the request for bond. Conner's attorney William Kendrick said they will try for it again in 120 days, when the judge said the request could be revisited.