Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dad throws 3-month-old son while in "fit of frustration" (Kenner, Louisiana)

Dad TYLER JONATHAN EASTGATE admits that he threw his 3-month-old son against the wall. And then when the baby still wouldn't stop crying (imagine that...), Daddy struck him in the face and threw him in his crib.

Where was Mom when poor old Daddy was having this "fit of frustration"? Working? Who knows, she's been erased from the story.

It's just a simple fact. Many of these young, volatile, testosterone-fueled young men shouldn't be doing infant care. They need to be in the workforce. Out on a fishing boat. On an oil rig. In a factory. Breaking rocks by the roadside. Something productive. Anything so that these poor "frustrated" dears aren't destroying the lives of babies.



Police: Father Threw Infant In Frustration
Tyler Jonathan Eastgate Accused Of Child Abuse

POSTED: 12:05 pm CDT August 16, 2011
UPDATED: 12:51 pm CDT August 16, 2011

KENNER, La. -- A 3-month-old boy will likely have permanent neurological defects after Kenner police said the father threw the infant in a fit of frustration.

Kenner police arrested Tyler Jonathan Eastgate, 22, after doctors at Ochsner Kenner notified police of possible child abuse.

According to police, Eastgate was home babysitting his son on Monday and grew upset when the infant wouldn't stop crying.

Eastgate told police and hospital staff that he found his son in his room having trouble breathing, seizing and losing consciousness.

Doctors at Ochsner found that the baby had suffered bleeding on the brain, brusies to his cheek, chin and chest, police said. The victim also had several scratches and bruises to his neck in a hand pattern, according to police.

Doctors told police that the injuries were a result of blunt force trauma, as in being violently thrown down.

After interrogating Eastgate, Kenner police said the father admitted that out of frustration from his infant son's constant crying, he threw the baby against the wall, causing him to strike his head. When the baby didn’t stop crying, police said, Eastgate struck his son in the face and threw him into his crib, causing him to hit his head a second time. Eastgate also told police that on a separate occasion he accidentally dropped the baby causing him to hit his head on the floor.

Investigators said that due to the injuries, the boy will likely have permanent neurological defects from the trauma.

Police arrested Eastgate on charges of second-degree cruelty to a juvenile. Eastgate remains in custody and no bond has been set.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Kenner Police Department at 504-712-2222 or Crimestoppers at 504-822-1111.

Detective LaShonda Woodfork and Officer Brad Boyd are in charge of the investigation.