Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Out of Control Daddy Drama (USA)

Lately, I have been seeing a total epidemic of what I  have somewhat flippantly labeled "daddy drama."  This isn't "just" domestic violence or child abuse. It's all that rolled into a big splashy event or "production number" that combines elements of child abduction/kidnapping, hostage taking, car chases, death threats, murders, police standoffs, SWAT teams, arson (literally burning down the house), you name it. Here are a few of the recent headlines from Dastardly:
Why this explosion in showy, narcississtic entitlement? I would suggest that it's fueled by the increasing reluctance on the part of law enforcement to deal with these guys in a tough way early on. Before their crimes get to this stage. We're seeing too few arrests, too much probation, too many violent criminals out on bail. Too many useless battering programs, parenting classes, and counseling schemes. These guys know that the mothers of their children cannot escape them. They know that these mothers cannot get orders of protection, and that even if they do, they will not be enforced by the police. These fathers know they will get some form of custody/visitation just for having a pulse. In short, no accountability. Plus, we have social service agencies, fathers rights groups and the like encouraging these fathers' sense of "victimhood." In some cases, I suspect this pointless martyrdom (reminscent of religious martyrdom) is being subtly or not so subtly promoted. The result as been one apocalyptic bloodbath, one after the other, as the abuse/control obsessions that afflict these guys spin further and further out of control. This has got to stop.