Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dad charged with killing 7-month-old son waives hearing (Pocatello, Idaho)

Dad LEE ROSS BARBONE is charged with 1st-degree murder. Notice that he has already confessed to hitting his infant son when he would not go back to sleep. The baby died from multiple head injuries.

Father Charged with Killing Son Waives Hearing
Story Published: 8/24 11:59 am
Updated: 8/24 10:49 pm

The Pocatello man charged with killing his 7-month-old son waived his preliminary hearing in magistrate court Wednesday morning.

Lee Ross Barbone, 19, had a short appearance before a judge following a motion by his defense to waive the hearing. In the waiver agreement between his defense team and the court, there was a recommended sentence of up to life in prison and ten years fixed.

Wednesday’s courtroom was also full of family and friends of the infant's mother who wore shirts that read "Justice for baby Richard."

Barbone will now have an arraignment in district court on the first degree murder charges.

Court records indicate that the 19-year-old father admitted to hitting the child back in May when the infant would not go to sleep. An autopsy later showed that the child died as the result of multiple head injuries. Barbone remains in custody with a $1 million dollar bond.