Monday, August 29, 2011

Drunk dad attacks mom, threatens to kill family--and all he gets is "supervision order" (North Ormesby, England)

Those Brits--they really know how to punish those abuser daddies...NOT. Just the usual molly-coddling. This time the molly-coddled dad is ANIL JANES.

Court told of drunken North Ormesby dad's threat to kill

by Andrew Pain, Evening Gazette Aug 29 2011

A FATHER’S drunken attack on his wife left their child pleading with him to “stop hitting mummy, hit me”, a court heard.

Teesside Crown Court was told that Anil Janes had spent the day drinking rum before his violent outburst at his wife of three years, Juliette.

Prosecutor Emma Atkinson said that at around 8.40pm on April 19 this year Janes called the couple’s two children aged 12 and nine into their Stainton Street home in North Ormesby and became angry and violent at his wife.

Mrs Janes went into a bedroom to find a mobile phone to call the police but her husband followed and took her by the throat and threw her onto the bed in full view of their children.

The incident then went downstairs where Janes grabbed a knife and told his family: “I’m going to kill you three if you call the police. I’ll kill you.”

But what the 41-year-old didn’t know was that following an earlier phone conversation with a friend, his wife had not put the receiver down properly. The friend heard the entire thing and called police who attended and arrested Janes.

Miss Atkinson said his wife had admitted in interview that there had been previous instances of domestic violence but she didn’t report them because it wasn’t the done thing in her religion.

The prosecutor added that Mrs Janes made a retraction statement as she felt her husband had been “punished enough” while spending time on remand.

Janes pleaded guilty to affray.

Andrew McGloin, defending, said: “Of his own volition he has already undertaken alcohol treatment. He tells me he has had nothing to drink since the incident.

“He knows he is fortunate to have a loving wife who is prepared to forgive him - he respects her forgiveness. He knows he needs to change if the marriage is to have any chance of success.”

Judge Peter Armstrong said: “An aggravating feature of all this is it was in the presence of the children. ‘Stop hitting mummy, hit me’, that’s an appalling thing for any child to have to witness.”

Judge Armstrong gave Janes a 12 month supervision order with 100 hours unpaid work and ordered him to pay £250 costs.