Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dad arrested for severely injuring 8-month-old daughter (Mineola, Texas)

An observation: the media often (mis)represents a criminal dad as just a random "man." Such is the case with dad ADAM FIDEL ROMO who has been arrested for severely injuring his 8-month-old daughter. Notice that we're not told that the "man" is the father till at least half way through the article. Also note that Mom has lost custody to CPS, even though Daddy confessed to the crime.

Man charged with injury to a child after baby hospitalized
Man charged with injury to a child after baby hospitalized
Adam Fidel Romo has been arrested and charged with injury to an eight-month-old child.

Posted: Wednesday, August 17, 2011 4:00 am

Mineola police received a report of child abuse from Child Protective Services which led to a confession by a 19-year-old Mineola man and arrest by the sheriff’s department.

Reports state the police department received a CPS priority 1 fax that on the night of Sunday, July 31 an eight-month-old girl had been taken to Mother Frances Hospital in Tyler with severe head injuries. They reported her parents didn’t know how the injuries occurred but she had been in their care only. She was transported to Children’s Hospital in Dallas later that night.

Police investigators Lucky Bolden and Carolyn Tanner spent Monday, Aug. 1 at the hospital and on Wednesay Captain Joyce Box interviewed family members all day. She found that the family had moved from Brenda Lane to outside the city limits. Police were informed by doctors at Children’s Hospital in Dallas that the baby had other prior injuries.

Box spoke with the parents several times and ultimately the father, 19-year-old Adam Fidel Romo, confessed to her about how part of the injuries had occurred.

Since the family now lives outside the city limits the sheriff’s department took over part of the investigation and the arrest.

Romo was arrested on Aug. 3 and placed in the Wood County Jail. He was released on Aug. 6 on $50,000 bond set by Pct. 1 Justice of the Peace Alice Tomerlin. The baby has been released from the hospital to CPS care.

Lieutenant Jerry Blaylock, a sheriff’s department investigator, credited Box and Mineola officers for much of the investigation. He said Romo gave a further confession to sheriff’s Sergeant Maggie Ingram about how the other injuries occurred.

Blaylock said the injury to a child charge is a second degree felony charge and there may be further charges.

“It’s a tragedy when anything happens to a child and it is a blessing to the child when law enforcement can step in and stop it to where it doesn’t happen again,” he said.