Monday, August 29, 2011

Dad found guilty of murdering mom, two teen daughters, mom's grandmother; media blames "lesbian affair" (Burlingame, Kansas)

This headline is such crap. Dad JAMES KAHLER was actually into this swinger thing, and HE was the one who brought this woman into their marriage so they could have a threesome. Then he has the freaking gall to (supposedly) get all miffed because this woman (allegedly) had an "affair" with his wife--that excluded him! Oh, that poor baby!

So Daddy not only murders his wife, but ALSO their TWO DAUGHTERS and the wife's grandmother. And all this because of some girl-on-girl action back in Texas? And only because Daddy didn't get to watch or participate or whatever? And how long ago was that anyway? Before they moved to Kansas? That's some Texas-sized Bullsh**, my friends. 

Of course the defense is grasping for straws at this point, since they have nothing else to go on. But then the headline and first paragraph give legitimacy to these lies.

Earlier accounts of this murder--which we have posted here at Dastardly--also blame a custody "dispute" for Daddy's bloodbath. Guess we just haven't made up our minds why Daddy did this, have we?

Let's just settle on spousal revenge, shall we? Daddy is your classic control freak abuser who resorts to the classic daddy drama bloodbath, killing everybody in sight just so everybody knows FOR SURE that Daddy's Not Happy. Why? Because Mom left his sorry @$$.

Man murders family after wife's lesbian affair

16:00 NZST Mon Aug 29 2011MSN NZ Share

A US man murdered his family after finding out his wife was having a lesbian affair, with a woman he had introduced her to in the hope of having a threesome.

Kansas father James Kahler may face the death penalty after being convicted of gunning down his two teenage daughters Lauren, 16, and Emily, 18, his wife Karen Kahler, and her 89-year-old grandmother Dorothy Wright on November 28, 2009, NY Daily News reports.

The Osage County Court this week heard the 48-year-old's marriage fell apart after he tried to convince his 44-year-old wife to have a threesome with another woman.

His lawyers argued he was pushed over the edge after finding out his estranged wife was having a relationship with a woman he had intended to invite into their sex life when the family was living in Texas.

Kahler lost his job as a government engineer in Columbia and moved in with his parents in Kansas just two weeks before killing his family, who had been staying at his wife's mother's house in Burlingame, east of Kansas City.

Kahler was found guilty after pleading not guilty to one count capital murder and four individual counts of first-degree murder due to mental illness.

He is due to be sentenced next week.