Thursday, August 25, 2011

Drunken dad disturbs 2-year-old daughter's birthday party (Chicago, Illinois)

Fortunately for him--if not for the rest of us--drunken party daddy is an UNNAMED DAD.


Drunken Dad Disturbs Toddler’s Birthday Party

Police were called to a 2-year-old Chicago Heights boy’s birthday party after the child’s father became intoxicated and created a scene, according to a police report. The man created an “unbearable” atmosphere at the party on Lynn Lane, prompting his girlfriend to complain to officers, the report said. Police transported the 31-year-old man to his sister’s residence, but she refused to answer the door, according to the report. When officers asked the man if he had any other relatives, he responded that he had no friends and couldn’t recall his brother’s phone number, police said. At that point, a Chicago Heights police officer drove the intoxicated father back to his home address, where the mother of his child again said he could not stay at the residence, the report said. The officer took the man to police headquarters, whereupon the mother of the man’s child relented and took him home.