Thursday, August 25, 2011

4-year-old son suffers liver laceration at home of custodial dad; stepmom arrested (Phoenix, Arizona)

How to write a story involving abuse at the custodial father's home without ever actually saying so:

1) Never actually use the words custodial father or even custody.

2) If you are have to say something, say something vague. Here it is merely indicated that the (protective) mother discovered her son's injuries after picking up her son "FOR visitation FROM his father's and stepmother's home." That's pretty fuzzy, and most readers won't pick up that your phrasing just indicated that it was the MOTHER who had visitation, which meant the FATHER HAD CUSTODY.

3) Whatever you do, blame the woman! It's never daddy's fault that he dumped, er, "placed" this child's care with someone who abused him. Though the media routinely smears working moms who leave their babies in the care of unemployed boyfriends or stepdads (and even dads), even if the man in question was threatening or beating the mother as well. Somehow, I don't think this woman outweighed her husband or had more muscle strength than he. But that doesn't matter. Daddies are never at fault. It's the rule.

4) And most importantly, leave daddy's name out of it. Given that he's been exempted from any personal responsibility for anything that goes on, why drag his name into the mud? And notice that the father is an UNNAMED DAD here.

5) If we dutifully accomplish all of the above, we avoid ever having to answer who gave this father custody when there was apparently a loving and attentive mother around. That's important, if we are to keep the names of (corrupt and inept "father-friendly") judges out of the papers.

One good thing out of this mess. This mother's alertness probably saved this child's life and at least for now, CPS has "placed" her own son with her. How nice of them....

4-year-old boy suffers liver laceration; stepmom arrested
by Alicia E. BarrĂ³n
Posted on August 24, 2011 at 3:46 PM

PHOENIX – A woman faces child abuse charges after her young stepson was taken to the hospital with a serious injury.

A police report indicates the 4-year-old victim’s mother picked him up for visitation from his father and stepmom’s home on the evening of Aug. 5.

The mother took the boy to the hospital soon after noticing the child did not want to eat, was throwing up and complained about abdominal pain.

An MRI, or Magnetic Resonance Imaging, was done on the boy and doctors discovered he had a lacerated liver.

During initial questioning the stepmom, identified as Vindel Rose Perez, 30, told detectives the boy had fallen down a flight of stairs a couple of days before when his father was not home.

Police say the boy did not have other injuries consistent with his liver injury as a result of the supposed fall. A forensic pediatrician later determined the lacerated liver was as a result of direct blunt force trauma.

During a second questioning, Perez admitted to striking the boy on his left side twice while his father was not home. When she demonstrated to officers how she had hit the boy her fist was balled up.

There have been incidents of alleged child abuse involving the boy and the suspect in the past but there was reportedly no proof against the suspect.

The child did not require surgery and was placed by Child Protective Services with his mother.

Perez faces one count of child abuse.