Friday, August 26, 2011

Dad arrested for murdering daughters in car fire; media blames visitation "squabble" (Potsdam, Germany)

So, how nice to know that the German media is just as ignorant as its counterparts around the world. When you have a father who "allegedly" drugged his daughters before murdering them in a car fire, the cause is not a visitation "squabble." What you really have is a seriously unbalanced controlling father who committed a DOUBLE MURDER, and a mother who did her best to protect her children by trying to prevent the father from gaining access to them.

Danish father arrested for car-fire deaths of girls
Aug 26, 2011, 16:37 GMT

Potsdam, Germany - A 40-year-old Danish father was arrested Friday at a German hospital on suspicion of murdering his own daughters in a car fire two weeks ago.

Authorities acted hours after toxicology evidence emerged that 9-year-old Line Sofie and 10-year-old Marlene Marie had been given sleeping pills before the car caught fire.

The father remained Friday in hospital where he is recovering from his own burns in the incident and skin grafts.

Prosecutor Tom Koepping said a magistrate went to the hospital ward and told the father he was now in legal custody. Two policemen will permanently watch him in hospital until he can be moved to a jail.

Police suspect a dispute between the divorced parents was the motive for the killing. Danish newspapers say they had squabbled over visitation rights.

Drug traces were found in blood in the gutted small car although the girls were burned beyond recognition, proving the girls had been sedated in advance.

Police have said they are certain the girls were alive when the fire broke out in the car in a forest near Berlin.

The father alerted police after the blaze and though burned, led them to the site. He claimed to detectives the fire was an accident.

Koepping said the toxicology results and a police reconstruction of the blaze threw 'major doubt' on the father's claim.

Prosecutors said it would take two to three months to complete an inquiry and then to indict the father. They said Germany would hold the trial, although Denmark would technically also have jurisdiction since both the suspect and victims were Danish nationals.

Hospital spokewoman Angela Kijewski said doctors forecast the man would be medically fit next week to be moved to a jail and be kept in either a cell or a sick bay