Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dad charged with kidnapping and assault; fired gun into van, held son hostage during police standoff (Dayton, Ohio)

My general rule of thumb: any parent who abducts a child in a hail of gunfire does not have the best interests of the child in mind.

But I'm sure the fathers rights brigade will defend this poor non-custodial dad anyway. He just wanted to see his son!!! It was just an "argument" over visitation with that gatekeeping mother!!!

Bull crap. Daddy DEWAYNE WILLS is an abusive control freak criminal who "allegedly" FIRED A GUN INTO A VAN that contained HIS OWN DAUGHTER. He then HELD HIS SON HOSTAGE during a classic daddy drama POLICE STANDOFF. And it's not the first time Daddy has abducted this child before. This daddy is a menace who needs to be taken off the streets before somebody gets killed. The mother had EVERY RIGHT to want to keep this crazy loose cannon away from her child. In fact, it was the responsible thing to do.

Not Guilty Plea In Child Abduction Case
Posted: 4:33 pm EDT August 30, 2011

DAYTON, Ohio -- A non-custodial father accused of taking his son and prompting an Amber Alert, was arraigned on charges Tuesday.

The court entered a not guilt y plea on behalf of Dewayne Wills. He was indicted on multiple charges including kidnapping, inducing panic and assault.

Last month, police said Wills and the boy's mother argued over visitation and Wills took the child. They said he even fired gunshots at a van filled with family members, including his own daughter.

It took officers 22 hours to track Wills down and then he held police at bay in a standoff for about an hour.

The boy was not hurt.

Police said Wills was involved in a similar abduction of his son in 2009.