Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dad "wanted" in murder of mom, abduction of 5-year-old son commits suicide (Santa Fe, New Mexico)

More effed up Daddy Drama. Seems that dad JOSE MELENDEZ-TRILLO murdered the mother of his 5-year-old son, abducted the boy and subjected him to a four-hour standoff with police, and then finally killed himself. So considerate that Daddy released the boy to the police and didn't slaughter him as well. But this boy will be living with absolutely horrible trauma for years to come because of Daddy's violent control freak theatrics. Disgusting.

Man wanted in Santa Fe killing releases son, commits suicide

(8:01 a.m.) By The Associated Press
Posted: 08/24/2011 08:13:29 AM MDT

SANTA FE — Santa Fe County authorities say they have located a young boy taken by his father Tuesday after the child's mother was found with a fatal gunshot wound.The Santa Fe County Sheriff's Office says around midnight, patrol officers located 39-year-old Jose Melendez-Trillo along with his 5-year-old son. After a four-hour standoff early Wednesday, Melendez-Trillo released his son. The sheriff's office says Melendez-Trillo then fatally shot himself.

Lt. Adan Mendoza says the boy was not harmed.