Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dad is in prison--but still has legal "primary residence" of child (Jacksonville, Florida)

Our Florida moms know very well that any abusive criminal father, so long has he has a pulse, can get child custody in the State of Florida. Here's additional proof from Check out this poor non-custodial mother's story:

My ex-husband has primary residence with the child but is now a prisoner of the Florida Department of Corrections for 5 felony charges and a Violation of Felony Probation. I being the non-custodial parent have the child thanks to CSE for 6 months The Judge wants to re-hear my original hearing due to his father's charges and numerous DCF reports filed against him. What documents do I need to file to re-open my case, so that I can do this myself? I can not afford another attorney seeing how I just had to get one for back child-support in which as i said above I now have temporary custody. What do I do?
Additional information

I was also able to bear burden of proof at the last child support hearing that I have been taking care of the child for the past 3 years for more than 85% of the time.