Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"Very volatile" dad shoots 4-year-old daughter, mom; murder happens right after mom dropped off child for "custody visit" (London, England, UK)

Yet another person dead because a "very volatile" UNNAMED DAD was granted child visitation, and the mother was required to provide it. Now the 4-year-old daughter is dead--shot through the head---and Mum is fighting for her life.

In the last six months or so, I have tallied up at least four cases where required child custody exchanges resulted in death or injury to a family member.

Fathers Rights people are always whining that daddies get "angry" from not having visitation, and that's why they "act out." This is utter nonsense. Abusive nutcases get visitation all the time--and more abuse, violence, and even death are the predictable results.


Father murders daughter then kills himself after custody battle
A father murdered his four-year-old daughter then shot his ex-partner before turning the gun on himself following a bitter row over custody of the child.

By Gordon Rayner and Murray Wardrop
Published: 5:42PM GMT 29 Dec 2009

The girl’s mother, aged 40, survived being shot in the head by her 56-year-old former partner and is now fighting for her life in hospital after undergoing emergency surgery.

Police were called to the former family home in Aldershot, Hants., by concerned neighbours who had dialled 999 after hearing shouting and screaming shortly after the mother arrived to drop off her daughter for a custody visit.

By the time officers arrived four minutes later the girl had been shot in the head, and died minutes later despite their efforts to resuscitate her. Her mother was critically injured and the father, who had shot himself in the head, was lying dead nearby, with the gun beside him.

The mother, who separated from her partner four weeks ago, was airlifted to St George’s Hospital in Tooting, south London, where her condition was said to be critical and "life threatening" following surgery.

The shooting at the end-of-terrace house happened at 10am. Neighbours said the mother had pulled up at the house in Church Hill in her red Renault Megane, where she was immediately confronted by her angry former partner.

Neighbours said the father, a painter and decorator, and his former partner had appeared to be a “loving family” until their recent split.

Speaking from the scene, Detective Inspector Darren Rawlings said: "Officers forced entry into the premises this morning and found the body of a 56 year old male, the body of a four year old female child and the body of a 40 year old female.

"They could see the older female lying injured in the hallway. Three officers entered the property and were faced with a very traumatic scene. They could see the young girl had received gunshot wounds.

"The male and the young female were confirmed dead at the scene and the 40 year old female had received serious and life threatening injuries. Officers did try resuscitation on the young female at the scene but very sadly she died.

"At this stage it would appear the incident relates to a domestic situation.

"The mother is the vital witness but she is unconscious and in a serious, life threatening condition in hospital.

"We currently have officers with her who will speak to her as soon as she is able to talk.

"The festive period is a very poignant time of year for families with young children and this makes it all the more tragic."

He said detectives were trying to establish whether the dead man was the legal owner of the gun.

The dead man has at least one grown-up daughter from a previous relationship, who is understood to be a serving police officer. A family friend described him as a "very volatile man".

The bodies of the child and her father remained in the house as forensic scientists collected evidence inside and took photographs of the crime scene, while specialist ballistics officers studied the murder weapon.

A Home Office pathologist is expected to carry out post-mortem examinations on the girl and her father on Wednesday. None of those involved have yet been named by police.